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Pumpkin Head Evil Halloween Embroidered Patch

Pumpkin Head Evil Halloween Embroidered Patch

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Introducing the Pinnacle of Spookiness - Our Evil Pumpkin Head Patch! Adorn your clothing or gear with this meticulously crafted emblem of terror, designed for those who dare to express their sinister side.

Crafted with precision embroidery, this patch boasts a nefarious pumpkin face, each stitch capturing the malevolent grin and piercing eyes that have become synonymous with autumnal mischief. The deep, rich orange tones contrast starkly against the night-black background, emphasizing the pumpkin's macabre features.

Choose the convenience of a Velcro backing for a versatile attachment that allows for quick and easy customization of your items. Whether you're updating your tactical gear, backpack, or Halloween costume – switching your style is seamless. For a more permanent application, opt for the iron-on version, ensuring that your patch stays affixed through countless adventures and haunting escapades.

Our evil pumpkin head patch is made to endure, with durable materials that resist fraying and color fading. It's the perfect size to make a statement without overpowering your outfit—ideal for jackets, hats, or any fabric surface in need of a touch of terror.

Unleash your dark side and captivate onlookers with the ultimate symbol of Halloween horror, bound to become the centerpiece of your patch collection. Order now if you dare!
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